Taking dentistry to the next level

on 16th March 2018

Do you have a weakness where further learning will be of value to your patients? Hussein Hassanali questions.


Changes to postgraduate development has brought about the era of the longitudinal course, while changes to technology means the continual evolvement of clinical dentistry. Patient demands are ever increasing along with the rise in elective cosmetic treatments. With the combined desire to keep more complex cases in-house, investment in yourself has never been so important.

The enhanced CPD scheme now requires everyone to produce a PDP. Chat with your principal, colleagues, peers or whoever else you think could offer some good advice.

Building me 2.0

Having enrolled on longitudinal courses, I’ve seen how much it’s changed the way I practice. There’s little to choose between them, with comparable topics taught in a modular fashion.

Speak to others that have done similar courses to get some recommendations. Contact course directors if you have any questions. As long as you do your research to make sure that your chosen course meets your individual needs, you should soon be able to reap the benefits.

Your utility belt

With the seeking of knowledge comes the introduction of new methods, techniques and equipment. Because of personal preferences, you’ll probably find that there’s various instruments and pieces of kit that you’d rather use.

For those that are lucky, you may have a principal who takes an interest in yours and the practice’s development or one who already has everything there that you need. If not, invest in your own as you can carry them with you.

Career-long advantages

Be selective about wants and needs, make a list and plan accordingly. With the use of SMART learning objectives, selection of the right courses and addition of a few gadgets, you’ll soon take your dentistry to the next level. What about that money you’ve spent? Well that will be an asset for the rest of your career.

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