The big jump!

on 16th March 2018

Aisha Memon presents 10 top tips for making the transition from dental foundation training to associate as smooth as possible.

The jump from university to the working world is something that a lot of people talk about. But, the jump from dental foundation training to an associate position is something that is often forgotten. Although no one can really prepare you entirely for what’s to come, it’s nice to know what to expect from an ever-evolving, exciting and yet demanding career.

  1. Make sure all your paperwork is submitted as soon as possible. Principally this means informing your area team of your new performer number
  2. Make sure you keep hold of all your pay-slips from DF1 year – trust me, you’ll need them at some point
  3. Remember to declare yourself as self-employed! You need to do this ideally within two months of starting your new job as an associate. And please start saving your tax immediately
  4. Take some time off between DF1 and your next job if you can. It isn’t an easy year to go through so it’s really important to look after yourself
  5. Start your new associate job with an open mind and heart. It isn’t going to be easy – especially at first. But you’ll soon get into the swing of things
  6. Visit your practice before you start if you can. Get to know the computer system, the staff and your environment
  7. Be prepared to run late at the beginning. Don’t panic, stay calm and be professional; let your patients know if you are running behind
  8. Be kind to the staff around you, your nurse and other colleagues
  9. Try to leave work at work; don’t take your stress home with you
  10. Keep your head held high. Remember why you chose this career and the good that you are doing. Don’t lose hope. If one day doesn’t go well it doesn’t mean the next will be the same.

I hope this helps to make the transition a lot smoother for you. Good luck!

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