Take your patients from selfie conscious to selfie confident

on 16th May 2019

Is your Instagram filled with selfie confident patients? Make it happen with Autograph Aligners’ (#myautographsmile) and Ixion Aligner Pliers.

DB Orthodontics has created a duo made in aesthetic orthodontic heaven. Autograph Aligners, paired with Ixion Aligner Pliers, are the perfect solution for all dentists and orthodontists looking for high quality aligners, which offer consistent results and great customer service.

Beautifully packaged and easy to promote in the waiting room, Autograph ticks all the boxes in terms of style, convenience and effectiveness. Consultant orthodontist, Richard Cousley, says of the system: ‘I use the weekly Autograph aligner system because it achieves consistently good results. The customer service is excellent and the turnaround times are swift.’

Five aligner pliers

In addition to having a quality aligner system, knowing how to make corrections is essential. With this in mind, DB Orthodontics presents five aligner pliers from Ixion Instruments. The Torque plier, Rotation plier, Retention plier, and soon to follow, Tear Drop plier and Hole Punch plier are all perfect for use with any aligner system.

Aligner pliers may offer a simple and convenient solution by minimising the need for further impressions, lab time, or unnecessary appointments. Aligner pliers are used for rotations, minor tipping (torque) movements, buccal/lingual movements, extra retention on aligners and retainers.

Featuring narrow tips for easier access into narrow and thin anterior teeth; they require no heat and are designed to prevent distortion of the aligner. All clinicians can enjoy the trademark comfort, design and precision engineering Ixion offers in a beautifully simple yet effective aligner plier instrument.

Kick start your aesthetic business with the perfect duo. Autograph Aligners and Ixion Aligner Pliers are two premium products from DB Orthodontics designed to bring out the selfie confidence in your patients.

For a practice visit, sales enquires, or for more information, call 01535 656 999, email sales@dbortho.com or visit www.dbortho.com.

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