Why placing 20 implants per delegate is our aim for 2019

on 23rd May 2019

Dentale introduces its 10-day advanced implant course and its money back guarantee.

Our 10-day advanced course is open to dentists that have already had theoretical training and placed at least one implant under supervision, either with Dentale or another implant training course, providing proof can be shown of this.

Twenty implants is a big number! A comprehensive treatment portfolio is provided, including detailed case notes and photographs of cases that can be used as evidence of your implant training.

We are often asked how do we get our patients? For around 17 years we have been recruiting patients for training courses and run two busy implant clinics specifically for training. This has led to personal recommendations and implant treatment is at a reduced price. We do occasionally get fluctuations in patient numbers, or patients that are not suitable for training that are beyond our control. To deal with this eventuality we have put a money back option in place for the rare cases where slightly less than 20 implants are able to be placed. We believe in being open and transparent. This is how it works…

What’s involved?

The number of implants you place on a day throughout the duration of the course may vary. Refunds are granted based on the total number of implants placed on the entire advanced course and only apply when all modules are booked as a block (10 days).

  • Less than five implants placed – 100% refund
  • Less than 10 implants placed – 50% refund
  • Less than 15 implants placed – 25% refund
  • Less than 20 implants placed – 5% refund.

Every clinic day features training sessions and theory sessions, with time allowed for feedback and discussion. Cases are planned digitally, allowing the delegate to become proficient with digital aspects from the start of their implant career. Over the next few months intraoral scanners are being incorporated into the workflow.

We are aware that many new implant dentists do not feel confident after completing a theoretical course with limited placement experience to start in their own practice, even with a mentor. Placing large numbers of implants in a clinical environment means that confidence is increased, and we have a high success rate of delegates that go on to place routinely. A wide range of treatment options can be covered. Delegates also get the opportunity to embrace new technologies such as osseodensification and guided surgery.

The nursing staff used to support the training of dentists are both proficient and highly skilled. By using this model, a lot of the hassle is removed, meaning you can concentrate on your learning and patient care.

With a maximum of three delegates on each 10-day course, the course is tailored to you. Some of our delegates come back for additional days placing implants as they enjoy it so much – they want to place without the hassle of doing it within their own practice. Our tutors have a wealth of experience and come from different types of practice backgrounds.


‘A great course, which will allow an individual to evolve from a novice to a competent implantologist.’ – A Khan.

‘Excellent course with wide range of hands-on experience in surgical and restorative techniques – far exceeded my expectations.’ – S Reddy.

‘I loved the course! I learnt so much and I can apply these new skills directly into my practice. I left the course feeling confident that I can successfully place implants for my patients – thank you Dentale!’ – Z Cox.

With modular courses and different pathways to suit you please call our course bookings team to find out how we can help you organise a training plan to fit your requirements.

For more information call 03300 585828 or email coursebookings@dentale.co.uk.

*T&Cs apply. See our website for details.

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